About Adopta Perro

Adopta Perro was started by Suzie Beaven, an Australian woman dedicated to doing what she could to help the plight of dogs in Chile. Suzie has relocated but her legacy lives on and Adopta Perro’s team and network of volunteers, vets and dog professionals continues to work tirelessly. What do we do? We find suitable homes for dogs (and sometimes other animals). We get to know the dogs we are recommending. We use professional dog behaviourists to assess and rebalance dogs we have any uncertain of. We work to rehabilitate dogs and have them ready for adoption. What can we do for you? We have a constant flow of really great dogs and of every breed, size, character & description you can imagine. We really pride ourselves on helping you find the dog most suitable to your family and lifestyle. Dogs in our care are sterilized, vaccinated, and given vet care if needed. If you don’t feel sure about adopting a dog right now, but miss having a loving appreciative pet in your life, fosterhoming is a great option. Fosterhoming gives an adoptable dog a place to live while he waits for a home. You play a huge and vital role in saving the dog’s life. If for some reason you feel the dog is not suitable for you then we can take it back. On the flip-side, if you decide to keep the dog that is also possible. Fosterhoming periods range from 1 day to several months, it really is your choice.
If you’d like to see our site on Facebook go to: Suzie Beaven Adopta Perro Santiago
and any time you’re interested in knowing what dogs are currently ready and looking for homes let us know!
jennyren29@yahoo.com                              10292454_511572078969419_430077131918663596_n

One thought on “About Adopta Perro

  1. We recently lost our elderly dalmatian, my fiance wants another dal, i am unwilling to buy from a breeder, if you have any dals I could come and fly one home to seattle. we are both retired and dogs are our babies. thanks christina


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